Sakura Autumn Festival

sakura autumn festival

The Sakura Autumn Festival has a long history of almost 330 years, dating back to the Edo era (the samurai period).
You won’t want to miss the expert techniques shown by the float operators as the floats go past each other on the narrow, twisting streets common in old castle towns like Sakura. Lively calls (“Essa-no-korasa-no-Essa-sa”) and dancing accompanied by Sakura-bayashi (traditional festival music) are quite unique.
Moreover, the dynamic transfer of the Oh-Mikoshi (great portable shrine) of Makata-Jinja Shrine, which is one of the biggest portable shrines in Chiba Prefecture, is a must-see. Simply enjoy its method of transport, conducted bravely with vigorous shouts.

DATE : 2017.10.13 (fri) – 2017.10.15 (sun)
TIME : 15:00 – 22:00